Park Hours

“Walk Through” Portion Of Park CLOSED For Season.

Safari Gift Shop open daily 10am-4pm.

V.I.P. Tours available daily by appointment ONLY.  10am, Noon, 2pm.

Call to reserve a date and time!  608.253.2391



Daily Schedule

"Walk Through" Portion Of Park CLOSED for Season. V.I.P. Tours available ONLY by appointment. 10am. Noon. 2pm DAILY. - Call 608.253.2391 to schedule your V.I.P. Tour Safari Gift Shop Open DAILY. 10am-4pm. Great Gifts Year-round! -

Friends of Timbavati

Timbavati Wildlife Park, from its stunning exterior wildlife murals to its beautiful animal displays, and interactive and educational animal activities, brings a new world of animal adventure to Wisconsin Dells.

At Timbavati you can experience the thrill of learning about an array of wonderful animals, while developing a personal connection with them. We invite you to set your own pace as you tour the park. Linger at “The Falls”. Climb the overlook tower and enjoy the view. Relax your pace at the tortoise display. Practice your best bounce with the kangaroo! Delight in the playful antics of the penguins in their pool! Be amazed with the exuberant games of the tigers and lions at the feline display, or take a moment to appreciate the quiet beauty of our rare clouded leopards. Venture across the River Ravine Bridge and your walk in the woods will bring you to exotic antelope and kangaroo. Be sure to look for new babies in the herds and mobs!

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