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Friends of Timbavati

Timbavati Wildlife Park, from its stunning exterior wildlife murals to its beautiful animal displays, and interactive and educational animal activities, brings a new world of animal adventure to Wisconsin Dells.

At Timbavati you can experience the thrill of learning about an array of wonderful animals, while developing a personal connection with them. We invite you to set your own pace as you tour the park. Linger at “The Falls”. Climb the overlook tower and enjoy the view. Relax your pace at the tortoise display. Practice your best bounce with the kangaroo! Delight in the playful antics of the penguins in their pool! Be amazed with the exuberant games of the tigers and lions at the feline display, or take a moment to appreciate the quiet beauty of our rare clouded leopards. Venture across the River Ravine Bridge and your walk in the woods will bring you to exotic antelope and kangaroo. Be sure to look for new babies in the herds and mobs!

The Addax of Timbavati Wildlife Park

Greetings once again friends of Timbavati Wildlife Park and welcome back to this week’s topic, the Addax. This native of the Sahara Desert has adapted to a climate that bests many other animals. Like the camel, its hooves are adapted…...READ MORE

Albino Animals at Timbavati Wildlife Park

Greetings Timbavati Friends and Family members! This week I wanted to take a look into albino animals. Something that isn’t commonly discussed but all too often recognized in the animal kingdom; “albinism.” At first glance an albino animal is typically…...READ MORE

Happy National Bird Day

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January is “Adopt A Rescue Bird” Month

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The Pygmy Goats of Timbavati Wildlife Park

Greetings friends of Timbavati Wildlife Park and Happy New Year to you all! This week we are talking about the Pygmy Goat which is a native of West Africa. It was developed from the West African Dwarf Goat which is…...READ MORE

The Zebra of Timbavati Wildlife Park

Getting back into the discussion of the animals at Timbavati Wildlife Park, this week is all about the zebra! As you may know zebras are recognized by their beautiful coat of fur! Their stripes are much like the uniqueness of…...READ MORE

Upgrading The Safari Train Ride

Timbavati Wildlife Park is regularly undergoing improvements to your experience. With our fourth season finally in the books. We are happy to discuss some of the improvements that we have made this year. One major project that we took on…...READ MORE

The Sable Antelope of Timbavati Wildlife Park

This week at Timbavati Wildlife Park we will be taking a look at the sable antelope! The Sable Antelope (scientific name hippotragus niger)  is from the southern savanna of Africa. They live in  a combination of grasslands and woodlands. They…...READ MORE

The Cockatiel of Timbavati Wildlife Park

This week we’re taking a look at another interesting bird the Cockatiel of Timbavati Wildlife Park! Cockatiel also known as nymphicus hollandicus are native to Australia! They can be found in pairs or small flocks throughout the wild. These small…...READ MORE

The Kinkajou of Timbavati Wildlife Park

This week we are talking about the Kinkajou of Timbavati Wildlife Park. These small mammals may resemble that of a small primate but they are actually related to the raccoon family. They can be found living in the tropical forests…...READ MORE