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The Bearded Barbets of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Chris Taylor Sunday, October 6, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog. Today we’re going to take a stroll on over to our Waterfalls Area and check in on one of our more interesting animals, our bearded barbets. As you can see from this photo when it comes to appearance the word “interesting” might be an understatement. Let’s take a closer look at our little feathered friend.

The bearded barbet is a native of Africa. It lives in the trees around savannas, thickets and forests. It lives on a diet of fruits and insects. They eat fruit whole and regurgitate the seeds later. This helps in the dispersion of seeds. These birds will also feed on small reptiles as well. 

Bearded Barbets Stature

When it comes to stature the bearded barbet stands 10 inches tall and weighs three ounces. It lives in social groups of four to five birds. A group of bearded barbets is called a party. A female will lay two eggs at a time. After 20 days the eggs hatch and the chicks will fledge in another 40 days. 

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