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Timbavati Wildlife Park Welcomes Jake & Elwood

By Chris Taylor Monday, August 26, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Before we get started with our topic on penguins, I want to remind you all that we still have a “Name The Baby Owl Monkey” contest running. You can click the pinned post on our Facebook page for details. Now onto our next topic, Jake and Elwood.

Timbavati Wildlife Park is now home to two new South African Blackfoot penguins. We all know and love Mama and Papa our long time penguin pair. This summer they were joined by Jake and Elwood. Now why the names Jake and Elwood? Our owner Alice Schoebel explained to me that juvenile penguins are referred to as “blues” because their feathers have a blue tint and they aren’t black and white in color yet.

Blues Brothers Jake & Elwood

Apparently she shared this bit of useful knowledge with one our guests and this prompted him to ask “Are both of them boys?” When Alice told them “yes” this guy immediately called them the “Blues Brothers” without hesitation. Boom from that moment on they were called Jake and Elwood.


A lot of animals around Timbavati Wildlife Park have cute stories about their names. Some are attributed to personality, some are attributed to color and some of them are even named by you. Make sure you like our pages for interesting tidbits about our animals and notifications about specials that we are running. Thanks and we’ll see you in the park.


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