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Bonding With A Rhinoceros

By Timbavati Administrator Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. This week we have a very unique topic and video, “Bonding with a Rhinoceros.” For those of you who don’t follow our social feeds (which you should stop reading right this minute, go and like/follow/subscribe/share/favorite retweet us right now, then continue reading) the rhino pictured here is a young male named Naasaha. The gentleman in the picture is our very own Matt Schoebel. Today we’re talking about the bond between Matt and Naasaha.

Hopefully at some point in everyone’s life one will have had the opportunity to bond with an animal. Those of us lucky enough to experience this kind of relationship know the joys of coming home to your favorite pet. A rhinoceros is not a pet, but it is most certainly filled with personality. Matt is a professional animal handler who was raised in the business and has a lifetime of experience with animal care. They both create a unique opportunity for an educational and entertaining experience for us to watch. 

Bonding With A Rhinoceros

I have set out to film Naasaha on many occasions. By and large when he sees me coming he goes the other way. I have to film him ambush style like TMZ lol. Matt here? Not a problem. Matter of fact, he can call the rhino over with just a whistle. Seeing the bond between Matt and Naasaha shows us all that the level of affection and care that they have for each other is extremely high.

This week’s video gives you a great look at Matt and Naasaha. But why just watch here when you can come up to the Wisconsin Dells and see Naasaha in our Grasslands Area from our Safari Train Ride. Follow our profiles and visit our website for more information. Here’s this week’s video thanks for reading and we’ll see you all in the park.


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