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Feeding Camels At Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, June 24, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Summer is kickin’ I can feel the air thicken. Things are heating up in Timbavati Wildlife Park this summer. From presentations to pigs-a-racin there’s always something to do. For instance, one really fun thing that almost all of our guests experience when they visit us is feeding camels. 

I’ve fed a lot of animals in my time, one of the most fun animals to feed is absolutely a camel. They love to eat and can really put it away. Camels require 22-44 pounds of fresh food daily. If they are working daily that can be as high as 100 pounds of food per day. When you step up to feed the camels they will definitely display their appetites. 

A camel will walk almost 2 miles a day to find food. Camels also belong to an animal group called ruminants. Like a cow camels eat their food, regurgitate it chew it and swallow it again. With four stomachs there are things that have to happen.

Camels Have A Pretty Robust Diet

Camels like vegetation and aren’t very picky about food. They like twigs, stems and green shoots. They also like willows and poplar leaves. Camels have a pretty robust diet and as a person who loves food I can appreciate their appetites.

There’s always a lot of fun to have and facts to learn when you visit Timbavati Wildlife Park. We have Season Passes, VIP Behind The Scenes Tours and Group Rates for larger events. Visit our website and follow us online to receive more great animal fun facts. Cheers and we will see you all in the park. 


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