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Timbavati Wildlife Park – Territorial Tortoises

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, June 17, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Summer is taking its sweet time getting here and I am hoping that by the time we hit the solstice it will begin to feel like it. You have three days left summer! Now that I’ve notified the seasons that it’s time to feel different let’s close Spring out with the African spur-thigh tortoises’ antics.

You wouldn’t think about it but the seemingly most frisky critters in Timbavati Wildlife Park seem to me to be the tortoises. Spring, summer, winter fall it’s all the same to them lol. Go figure the hare is a symbol of fertility but a walk through the Woodlands Area might make you feel a little bit different about that.

I thought this would be a good topic because I encountered our tortoises battling for dominance last week. That video made me want to research why some of the greatest lovers in the Wisconsin Dells were being so unrefined. Well turns out tortoises might not be the most social creatures in general.

Tortoises Seek To Assert Their Dominance

Tortoises seek to assert their dominance against other members of their species. This is done by banging their heads and ramming into each other. Males aren’t the only ones. Females carrying eggs become very aggressive. They will bite, ram other tortoises and but heads also.

Tortoises will definitely assert their dominance upon smaller tortoises and incompatible species. They will definitely defend their food if another smaller tortoise comes to take some food off its plate. It’s a peculiar and interesting site to see. Apparently a tortoise scrap ends with either one tortoise flipped over on its back (game over) or when one simply just walks away. Like in this week’s video.

Thanks for reading and remember, we have season passes and VIP Behind The Scenes tours available. Visit our website for more information and we will see you all in the park.


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