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Timbavati Wildlife Park – Pygmy Goat Encounter

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, June 3, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to the month of June! June always makes me think of the end of school and the start of the summer vacation season. It’s nice because it looks like most of the rain is behind us (of course this can change) and we have some nice temperatures in our forecast. That said, this week we’re talking about a new look in one of our petting areas. The Pygmy Goat Encounter.

Friends of Timbavati Wildlife Park have came from far and wide to encounter our pygmy goats. We have multiple petting areas set around the park. The interaction area has a lot of opportunities to encounter animals. In 2018 we introduced a winding staircase and bridge for our pygmy goats to use when traversing from the petting area to area. This year our pygmy goats got an upgrade to their digs.

It’s A Pygmy Goat House With A Winding Staircase!

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, they are ready for MTV Cribs. This is where the magic happens. I am kidding but this is pretty sweet isn’t it? It’s a pygmy goat house with a winding staircase. I want a staircase like that lol. It’s pretty sweet. What I am seeing with it is that people are spending a lot more time at the Pygmy Goat Encounter because you can now visit with them inside and outside. It has very nice seating areas also.

Timbavati Wildlife Park Wildlife Park is always growing. Daily, weekly, monthly, we are working to grow and expand. We thank you for your visits and encouragement. It’s been a lot of work but the smiles are a great part of the reward. Visit our website for more information about planning your visit. We also have VIP Behind The Scenes Tours available for those of you who would like an even more exclusive experience. This week’s video gives you an exclusive look at the Pygmy Goat Encounter. Talk with you all next week. Cheers!


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