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Welcome To Timbavati Wildlife Park!

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, May 13, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog. Spring is warming up and it’s time to rest those winter coats. We naturally spend more time outside when the weather is nice and honestly Timbavati Wildlife Park is an excellent place to come and stretch your legs. If you haven’t been here before, here’s what you’re missing. Ok that said here’s a quick recap of the areas in the park.

When you walk through the front gate at Timbavati Wildlife Park and pass the ticket booth you land right in the middle of the Waterfalls Area. This area is home to a lot of fowl. From our lesser flamingos to our peach faced lovebirds we know feathers. There are also a lot of really cool small mammals.

Any way you walk out of the Waterfalls Area you can see our beloved Safari Snack Shack with some of the most delicious food this side of the Mississippi. The prices are really reasonable and the drinks are cold. After you’ve stopped for a snack you can hang a left and visit with our spider monkeys or you can take right and visit with our pride of lions and other big felines in our Large Cat Encounter.

Just beyond the Safari Snack Shack we have our brand new mini amphitheater where we have Wildlife Presentations. Continue past that just a bit and you come to our brand new building that we have for our pygmy goats. That building happens to sit in the Interaction Area where we have our two awesome nurseries.

The Nurseries Are Teeming With All Manners Of New Additions.

The nurseries are teeming with all manners of new additions. From baby kangaroos to small reptiles, nursery one has a lot of really cool little critters to see. Nursery two has a lot of little mammals to check out also. Our fennec foxes, owl monkeys and cotton top tamarins are just a little taste of the kinds of critters in the nursery area. The Interaction Area is just starting to heat up also. We have our renowned Parakeet Encounter and a bunch of petting areas for people of all ages to feed and hang out with.

Now some of you good people might not enter through the main gate and instead choose to take a trip on our Safari Train Ride. This takes you through exclusive pastures where you can see ostrich, aoudad, antelope and other animals with names that start with vowels. The train traverses the Grasslands Area of Timbavati Wildlife Park. This area is home to our newest addition which happens to be the second largest land mammal, the rhinoceros.

Hop On The Safari Train Ride

The Safari Train Ride takes you right up to and stops at our Giraffe and Camel Feeding Encounter. You will deboard the train and be front and center with the tallest mammal in the world the giraffe. Here you can feed them and the camels.

For those who only purchased a Safari Train Ride you’ll reboard the train and pass the large cat house and a couple of other cool encounters on your way back to the gift shop. Right now we have an awesome Combo Ticket which allows you to purchase both a Safari Train Ride and a General Admission for one great price.

Those of you who purchased a combo ticket (limited time offer) will deboard the Safari Train Ride at the Giraffe and Camel feeding encounter. This places you right in front of the Woodlands Area. The Woodlands Area is home to our Camel Ride Encounter. You can take a trip on one of these desert ships during the summer months, weather permitting.

The Woodlands Area is home to our white emu, kudu, crowned crane, spur-thigh tortoise, Swine Time Pig Racing… Look I could go on and on but you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Check out this week’s video to see more of what we have to offer. See our website for tickets and times and we’ll talk to you all next week.


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