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Timbavati Wildlife Park – Construction In 2019

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, April 29, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to the opening week of Timbavati Wildlife Park and the start of our summer season, we think?!?! The snow last weekend capped off the end to a winter that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. That has actually been a theme all winter. Every year we plan to bring you all new and entertaining attractions in Timbavati Wildlife Park and this year is no different. We have made a lot of improvements to the park, due to a brutal March we have a few things still under construction, to me though that’s the best part. Today We can talk about and take a quick glance at some of the changes we plan to make for 2019. Let’s take a walk around the park shall we?

Last week I was able to walk around with Matt Schoebel who talked me through all of the changes that you’re going to see this year. The Waterfalls Area maintains its status as the first stop in from the front gate. That’s about where all of your familiarity with Timbavati Wildlife Park’s layout ends. There’s something new in every area of the park which makes the level of construction immense.

We’re Building In 2019!

The south end of the Waterfalls Area by the exit near the Gift Shop has been changed and one of the buildings removed. Now you can see the Safari Train Ride pasture which is currently is teeming with a flock of ostriches. Lining the other side of this main street through Timbavati Wildlife Park directly across from there are two new enclosures for what is intended to be primate encounters.

Keep walking down that path deeper into the park (or east if you’re good with directions) and you’ll remember our Safari Snack Shack with all the great food that visitors and staff alike chow on. I love the snack shack so this article won’t be about changes to that building lol. Some things just don’t need changing.

As soon as you pass the Snack Shack on your right you see the Big Cat Encounter. This is complete with lions and tigers and lynx oh my! (Yes I’m that old fortunately!) Look to your left and the buildings are flying baby! Right across from the big cat encounter you’ll see our new mini amphitheater which is now where the Wildlife Presentations will take place from now on. Remember the building behind it where we used to have Wildlife Presentations and Swine Time Pig Races? Well that’s now being converted into another Primate Encounter. The track has been pulled up and it’s a brand new display.

Some of you will remember the bridge that overlooked the Interaction Area where we held races and presentations. That bridge now has two encounters being installed in them. One encounter is a new one for the badgers. Now you’ll be able to take a stroll on a winding wooden bridge and observe animals below you.

Pardon Our Dust…

If you’re keeping score, you heard me say that Swine Time Pig Races are no longer located in the Interaction Area. They have been moved to the Woodlands Area. Haven’t gotten back that far into Timbavati Wildlife Park? You’re missing out! Outside of the alpacas, white emu, spur-thigh tortoises, kangaroos, crowned cranes and kudu that all reside in this area of the park, you now have the swiftest swine this side of Siberia!

The feeling we have about 2019 is pure electricity. You can see the excitement on the staff’s faces. We have some really exciting things coming for 2019 that we will be displaying this year. This is just a look at some of the new construction we are currently completing. We do have one really killer addition ready to roll that we haven’t talked about yet. We have a new PLAYGROUND!

You talked and we listened. We now have a full sized play area that the kids can climb around on to their hearts content. Now you walk and see some animals, grab a bite to eat, let the kids play on the swings. It’s a complete day. You can come to Timbavati Wildlife Park and have a complete day in the Wisconsin Dells. I’m a parent like a lot of you, I want my family to have the best time ever. Timbavati is a great all day affair that permits that. Take a look at some of the work we have going up in this week’s video and please pardon our dust.


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