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Timbavati Wildlife Park Opening Day 2019

By Chris Taylor Monday, April 22, 2019

Greetings my friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Today’s topic is one of my all-time favorite topics. Opening Day! That’s right Timbavati Wildlife Park’s opening day for General Admission is this week Saturday! Yep you heard me correctly General Admissions begin this weekend.

During the winter months we have our Encounter Tours which you still have through Friday to experience those if you haven’t. Our Encounter Tours are guided interactions with multiple park species. Tour times are 11am and 1pm. The tours start in the Gift Shop. Our website has more information about that. Here’s a reminder though, the last day for Encounter Tours is this Friday April 26th. We will NOT have Encounter Tours after that. They’re really entertaining and educational so if you have a chance, come and catch one.

Opening day also means that it’s time to fire up our Safari Train ride for the year. That’s right, Old Fort Dells Engine Number 9 is on the Timbavati Line, this train never goes off the track so you wont need your money back. Yeahhh woooo and with that line you are now it! So what does being “It” mean? “It” means it’s your turn to bring the kids to ride the Safari Train ride yeahhh! (Like how I did that one?)

Opening Day Means So Much More To Us…

Random determinations of whose turn it is aside, Opening Day means so much more to us than just a changing of the turnstiles and entrances. It’s a time where we watch new flowers grow, trees bud and bloom, birds laying eggs and our nurseries begin to teem with new arrivals. Oh yeah, spring brings way more than just May flowers, we have a boatload of new babies to care for and share with you. All you have to do is pop down to our interaction area and see who’s hanging out.

The Waterfalls Area is also way cool to me year after year as well. You see we have huge stone structures there with water flowing over some of the rocks into our ponds. The plant growth in and around the stones create a stunning green outline around the waterfalls area and they’re growing year after year. Think about the kinds of moss and kelp you’d expect to see grow around a waterfall in the islands and that’s what actually progressing year after year in the Waterfalls area.

Then there are the special FREE amenities that we offer during our General Admission season like our Pig Races and Wildlife Presentations. We also offer camel rides and some photo opportunities as well. Please see our website for times and availability as all of these amenities will be kicking off later this spring.

Opening Day is a reset, it’s the start of a fresh season and one that we hope to spend a lot of with you. There’s a ton of value in buying season passes as well as combo ticket passes when we have them available so join our mailing lists, like and follow our pages to keep up on the hot offers. Check out this week’s video for a look at some of the offerings that we have in our 2019 season. Cheers!


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