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Timbavati Wildlife Park – Into The Waterfalls Area

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, April 8, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Spring is in full swing and it’s almost time for our opening day for general admission. The last couple of weeks we have been covering different areas of Timbavati Wildlife Park. Today we’re taking a look at the Waterfalls Area.

The Waterfalls Area has its name because guess what, it’s filled with waterfalls. I mean this is the water park capital of the world right? So this part of the park is filled with them as the falls and rock work form the background of one of the most unique personal experiences that you can find in the Wisconsin Dells.

The Waterfalls Area is the first place you visit when you enter through the main gate or the Gift Shop. The Waterfalls Area really shines with our water fowl. Our Penguin encounter is an up close and personal look at our pair of South African penguins. Then we have animals like  flamingos, mallard ducks, koi fish and red breasted Siberian geese. That would be a lot if those were all of the animals you could visit within the Waterfalls Area but wait… there’s more!

The Waterfalls Area is Home To Small Animals

Our Waterfalls Area is also home to a lot of really cool small animals. You can see small mammals like our foxes and porcupines. We also have a lot of larger birds of prey from king fishers to eagles. There are lots of birds to see from all corners of the world and from season to season the Waterfalls Area changes the cast or birds and small mammals that we have. So if you were here last season the line up does change often. It’s nice, day to day as the animals are tended to they move locations throughout the park so there’s always something new to see.

The Waterfalls Area is also home to our Spider Monkey Encounter. That’s a lot of monkeying around that you can come and do in just one area of our park. Now you don’t have to wait until our General Admission season kicks off at the end of the month. We currently have two Encounter Tours  that take off daily at 11am and 1pm. Visit our Website and we will see you all in the park! Talk with you all next week, cheers.


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