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TWP Parakeet Encounter 2019

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, February 4, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to the month of February. The polar vortex seemed to have our entire state closed and I am sure you’re as happy as we are for it to be over. The great part about Timbavati Wildlife Park in bad weather is that we have so much to see inside. That brings us to this week’s topic, our Parakeet Encounter.

Our Parakeet Encounter has become a great staple in the Wisconsin Dells. It’s a building filled with parakeets for you and your family to feed and hang out with. Honestly I see people spending a lot of time in there. You can actually hand feed the parakeets. The joy of having a bird or two hang out on your hand and sometimes your head are just the cutest things ever to see.

The Word Parakeet Actually Means “Long Tail.”

The parakeet also referred to as a budgie hails from Australia. The work parakeet actually means “long tail.” parakeets can reach up to 7 inches in length and weigh up to an ounce and a half. A parakeet can rotate its head 180 degrees and its heart beats 200 times a minute.

The parakeet in an omnivore, it likes fruits, plants and insects. A flock of parakeets are nomadic, they can travel hundreds of miles in search of food and water. In our Parakeet Encounter we have feed sticks with birdseed on them. A flock of parakeets can number in the thousands in the wild. It’s a great site to see and in our Parakeet Encounter you’ll be right at home with the flock.

We’re open 7 days a week now for tours at 11am and 1pm. Enter through the gift shop to spend some time with our little feathered friends. If you’d like a more enhanced experience we have a VIP behind the scenes tour that gives you a comprehensive look and experience of our park as well. Check out the parakeet encounter in this week’s video and we will talk with you all next week!


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