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The Squirrel Monkeys of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, January 28, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Winter has us in a cold chill and the Icy grasp of January is coming to a close this week. Good thing that we have indoor heated nurseries to keep our little critters warm. That brings me to the topic of this week’s blog, our resident squirrel monkeys are a great hang in nursery number two.

A Group of Squirrel Monkeys is Called a Troop

Our little troop hail from the canopies of South America. They are an arboreal (spend most time in trees) species. They like both the tropical and rain forests of South America so a tree is a tree wet or dry lol.

Squirrel monkeys have tails but they’re not prehensile (used for grabbing items) like let’s say a spider monkey’s tail is. The squirrel monkey uses its tail for balance. Squirrel monkeys are considered very smart and have larger brains compared to the size of their bodies.

These little critters are omnivores they love flowers, leaves, insects, nuts, fruit reptiles and eggs, hungry little buggers eh? A spider monkey’s troop can be anywhere from 25 to 100 members comprised of both males and females.

Nursery number two is filled with little cute critters like these squirrel monkeys and you can visit them one of the the two encounter tours that we run daily at 11am and 1pm. We also have a VIP behind the Scenes Tour for an even more enhanced experience. Visit our website for more information. Now here’s a look at our squirrel monkeys on this week’s video talk with you all next week.


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