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Red Footed Tortoises at Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Chris Taylor Monday, January 14, 2019

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Winter is in full swing and I must say, we have been able to dodge the brunt of the winter storms, I wont complain about that. We’re open year round so a mild winter is great for our guests. Ok, let’s move on to today’s animal, the red footed tortoise.

The red footed tortoise hails from South America. As you can see from this week’s video this tortoise is small enough to be held in one hand. Still it can grow to up to 16 inches in length and that’s pretty healthy sized shell back.

A Red Footed Tortoise Has To Grub

This tortoise is an omnivore. It enjoys a diet of plants, fruit, grasses and invertebrates. I’m sure at this vantage point there aren’t too many grubs that this little critter is likely to miss.

We have a great creep of red footed tortoises. They’re located in nursery 1 which you can visit daily on one of the two encounter tours that we run. Tour times kick off at 11am and 1pm 7 days a week. We also have a VIP luxury tour that gives you an even more expansive look at the park and its inhabitants. Visit our website for more information and for a great look at the red footed tortoise check out this week’s video. Thanks and we will talk with you all next week!


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