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Enter The Opossum

By Timbavati Administrator Sunday, December 2, 2018

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. December is in full swing and we are enjoying milder temperatures this week! Remember if you’re looking for a gift idea or a great way to entertain your children this holiday season that we’re now open daily for Animal Encounter tours which begin at 11AM and 1PM. Now on to our little fuzzy friend as pictured above, Ozzy the Opossum.

The opossum is a native of North America. They enjoy hanging out in trees, hollow logs, and whatnot. They also like wet areas like swamps, streams and marshes. An Opossum is a curious animal to me in that it has 50 teeth. I guess it always says a mouthful eh? Heh heh. The Opossum is nocturnal so it has really good sight. What you might see as big black eyes, science would call a largely dilated pupil. The better to see you with Red Riding Hood!

The Opossum Eats Almost Anything

The Opossum is an omnivore. It enjoys rodents, insects, snails, fruit, dog food, I guess what I am saying here is that it will pretty much eat anything that it thinks might be tasty. It will dive in a dumpster without hesitation and while I won’t pretend to tell you I know why they do that I can tell you that they have very strong immune systems to toxins. The opossum has a very strong immunity to rabies. It is also almost completely immune to the snake venom produced by rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and other venomous snakes. So garbage food? Meh, no biggie mate!

The opossum has a trope of interesting facts that we can share with you. This week’s video features Ashley who has a few more fun facts to fuel your trivia database. Make sure you visit our website for more information about our two daily Animal Encounter Tours and we will see you all in the park.


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