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A Roo For Me and a Roo For You

By Chris Taylor Monday, August 27, 2018

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. This week we’re going to take a look at our mob of kangaroos. Now if you weren’t familiar with the term a group of Kangaroos is referred to as a mob. Our mob of roos are always interesting to gander at when you’re in Timbavati Wildlife Park.

Kangaroos are very social creatures. They live in a hierarchy that is governed by one dominant male. This alpha male decides the course that the mob will take as they forage through the outback. The females in a mob will have very close connections with each other. If one mother dies, female kangaroos have been known to adopt an orphaned joey.

Kangaroos are herbivores and they have chambers in their stomachs much like a cow does. They will regurgitate a meal and chew it again before they finally swallow it for digestion. It’s like the meal that keeps on giving or something. I would be interested in that kind of feature. I don’t know how that would taste though, matter of fact that’s a really bad idea if you aren’t a cow or a roo. Ok, tangent over, moving on!

No Dentist Required

Did you know that kangaroos regularly have molars fall out due to all of the grinding that they do with vegetation? I mean think about this for a minute here. We steam and cook our veggies, but how much wear and tear would that put on our teeth if we couldn’t? Unlike us though a kangaroo can regrow its molars. Now I would take that feature over the stomach thing.

Timbavati WIldlife Park is a wealth of animal knowledge and family fun. Our professional animal handlers are always nearby to help with questions and directions. Don’t forget that throughout the day we have FREE keeper talks and wildlife presentations. Check our website for times and availability! We will talk with you all next week! Cheers!


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