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The Woman That Talks With Tigers

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, July 9, 2018

Let’s begin by saying this. There are people who are animal lovers and there are people who are animal whisperers. Now I won’t go all sage mode on you guys about what animals mean because I don’t know what they mean, nor do I intend to interpret that for you.


Now let’s kick this down to the level of your pets at home. When your dog needs water you know. Sometimes the dog may actually show up to you with a dish. When you spend enough time with your pets and animals you begin to know what they say and what it means.


Take the cat that you have at home. This fine feline will let you know when it wants to be pet. It will let you know when it’s hungry and all around is just a great pal. Animals who have relationships with humans typically have the same kinds of behaviors. Now when they’re bigger like our tiger Diva here we have to take safety precautions but it still boils down to how much time you spend with them to know who they are and what they need.


Talking With More Than Just Tigers


I’ll never forget the time I watched Mark Schoebel the founder of Timbavati Wildlife Park talk to and pet a lion. I took my best friend Champ with me and let him see the lion up close. Champ, Mark and I hung out all day and Mark just beamed with light showing us those big cats. You see Mark’s dad came home from WWII and was such a BA veteran that he wanted to own a lion. Yes almost 4 generations ago now that’s how this whole thing kicked off and here’s where we are today.


Our staff tends to, loves and cares for each animal we have deeply. Every animal that we have in our park has a professional handler that works with them daily to make sure that from the animals to the people we all have a great time. This week’s video shows you an example of that relationship.


I was instantly blown away when I saw Mark talk to the big cats, I was also just as floored when I realized that our very own Wendy can talk to tigers. This is the kind of person I want to give me my VIP Luxury Tour when I am going to give my family a thrill. The smile on these kids faces will tell you that it’s worth every cent. Don’t take my work for it though, Just listen to the tiger!



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