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Timbavati Wildlife Park’s Porcupine Prickle

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, March 12, 2018

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Looks like the snow is pretty well behind us now! I know i totally jinxed us. If it snows again it won’t last long, next week is the first day of spring! That’s right, Timbavati Wildlife Park is springing into action as well. Speaking of spring, did you remember to turn your clocks forward? Don’t be late, the porcupine awaits.

Let’s Get Prickly

Timbavati Wildlife Park is home to a couple of porcupines. Speaking of which, what do you call a group of porcupines? They are called a prickle which seems pretty appropriate. A prickly posse of porcupines possibly present a problem. LOL only if you are the touchy feely type though.

Did you know that the porcupine is the 3rd largest rodent in the world? We know the capybara is number one and the distinction of number two goes to the beaver. That’s pretty impressive as I have had the pleasure of working with all three species and they aren’t small critters.

Another fun fact is that a porcupine has roughly 30,000 quills covering their bodies? Check out this week’s video for more fun facts. When you’re at Timbavati Wildlife Park feel free to ask our professional animal handlers facts about the animals. I promise they wont be prickly about it. Have a positive week and we will talk next week! Don’t forget we’re open for tours daily at 11AM and 1PM.


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