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National Pig Day 2018

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog! This Thursday actually happens to be National Pig Day. Pigs have been a part of the fabric of American life for generations and it’s awesome to see the often misjudged pig get its day in the sun!

Pigs are super social creatures and enjoy forming bonds with other pigs, humans, and sometimes spiders. A group of young pigs are called a swift. A group of older pigs is called a sounder.

Big Bad Pig Better To Smell You With

Pigs also have an excellent sense of smell because of their long snouts. They’re also remarkably intelligent. Purdue University did a study using a special joystick. In this study the pigs were able to use a cursor on a screen to make contact with specific items on a screen. Further evidence suggests that they are able to recognize themselves in a mirror.

If that isn’t enough coolness about pigs, during our summer season we have pig races daily. Pigs can hoof it at 11 miles per hour. I think I would like to try my hand at racing a pig, I might be able to compete at that speed. If you haven’t seen our Swine Time Pig Racing presentation you have to stop at Timbavati Wildlife Park to check them out.

That’s all that I have for pigs today, but I am closing this weeks blog post with a request. If you regularly read our blog or see our pictures on facebook. Please like and share them as there have been changes to facebook which dialback how much people see our content. If anyone likes our content it will keep showing posts like this in your timeline. Thanks in advance for the share and we will talk with you next week.


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