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Timbavati Wildlife Park Winter Projects

By Chris Taylor Monday, January 29, 2018

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s post. As I sit and write this I am looking at the temperature drop and a day full of fresh show flakes taking hold on the leafless trees. Temperatures have been warm for the past few days. This drop serves to remind all of us that winter is still here. While it’s a popular notion that the Wisconsin Dells is completely shut down during the winter months, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is the closing of the summer season means we have months and months of projects to tackle.

Almost every attraction in the Wisconsin Dells take on projects when the season is over. At the conclusion of our 2016 season we took on new rock walls and the completion of our train station observation deck. We also completed Nursery number two that houses many of our smaller nocturnal animals.

This Year’s Work

The projects that we have been tackling going into our 2018 season are no different. The main photo on this blog post is of our observation bridge in the Waterfalls Area. This project was completed this winter and in its final iteration will have seating areas for people to take a load off and enjoy the critters below.

The other picture on this blog is of our safari train ride. It’s an observation bridge that overlooks one of our pastures in our grasslands area. For us that completes a uniform roof line that completes the aesthetic of the view when you’re looking in that direction in the park. These projects are a lot of the big things that are done in the off-seasons to provide our guests with the best experience that Timbavati Wildlife Park has to offer.

Bridge Project Rolling

Other projects that we have taken on this season will be a new addition to our interaction area in the form of new pygmy goat areas for kids to interact with. We have a lot of other cool surprises set for 2018 as well. We can’t wait to show you. Matter of fact, we’re open daily for tours and if you look around, you will see a lot of construction in process. Then you can get the “before” look now and come back in the summer for the “after.”

Talk with you all next week and I hope that our park can bring some warmth to this week’s winter temps! Here’s a look at some previous upgrades we’ve made to the park! Here’s a look at what some of our other projects have looked like.


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