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At Timbavati Wildlife Park Nature is Art

By Chris Taylor Monday, January 15, 2018

Greetings my friends! Today is a glorious wintry day. Winter is nature’s reset button. There’s a simple elegance to the flora cycle. This is based on the passing of last year’s sprouts the the promise of the blooms to come in the spring. While some people see a reason to stay in doors others see art and a reason to go and admire the icy still that is winter.

Spring wraps us in its thaw come the months of March and April. The art that I see nature create every spring is in the shoots and blossoms that begin to shoot forth from the trees bushes and gardens that take on the tasks of providing resources for all creatures of the Earth. The animals that didn’t hibernate also begin to show signs of their winter activities as well. Expectant mothers and protective fathers who are gathering for the nest are all a buzz in anticipation of the the coming life changing events.

By the time we get to summer, Timbavati Wildlife Park’s nurseries and interaction areas are teeming with new arrivals. We literally have bundles of joy hopping all over the place. This brings us to the picture attached to this week’s blog. Last summer on the 4th of July we were blessed with the birth of a healthy zebra foal by the name of Firecracker. Needless to say all of our guests got a treat by witnessing the miracle of life that day.

Let’s Take It To The Canvas

One guest took that moment to the canvas, or a slab of wood if you will. Sue  Mueller came and took a picture of Firecracker and created a beautiful work of art in colored pencil format. The result is stunning and the piece is actually available for sale at the Wisconsin Dells Craft Mall.

We all win when nature and art intersect because nature is art and art is nature. Don’t forget we’re open all year round with private tours daily at 11AM and 1PM! We will see you all in the park. Here are some zebra facts to keep you all warm. Cheers!


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