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Spring Is Near

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We’re thawing out! That’s right, its getting hot in here but keep your clothes on cause it’s Wisconsin, you never know when that will change. I was recently in Salt Lake City and it got really warm. An Uber driver referred to it as the warm before the storm well this ain’t Utah so we will take what we can get because there’s always a storm here. But while it’s warm, let’s talk guided tours.

Daily Tours When Spring Is Near

Timbavati Wildlife Park has guided tours available daily at 11AM and 1PM. Now we will admit, last week was a wee bit nippy if you were on a park tour. If you made it, hats off to you! This week though, it looks like a great temperate time to enjoy some animal life.

You can check our website for more information about the guided tours and in the meantime, here is a look at some of what our tours have to offer. Stay warm my friends and I will talk with you next week!


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