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Gifts Are What You Make Them

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Greetings friends and family welcome to the holiday hangover. With Christmas 2017 squarely in the rear view mirror we can now turn our attention to the end of the year bashes! Buuuuut before we do. I want to talk about gifts. Gifts are, what you make them.

I think of gifts and I think of nicely wrapped presents under a tree and the excitement of what’s in them. You see, that’s the kid in me. That’s the dreamer, the person who “wants” things. The reality is though the best presents you will ever have in your life are the people you love and those who love you. Each and every day you get to spend sharing stories and emotions with them are all gifts.

In A World Alone

Possessions and toys are awesome to have but imagine having them and having no one to share them with. Like yo I got this new Porsche 911 check it oouuuuttt to no one? LOL or check out my new X Box that I don’t have anyone to play with. You see what I am saying? I even consider the friends that I play games with online as gifts. We love each other and are there for each other.

You are also gifts to us at Timbavati Wildlife Park as well. Without your support and encouragement our worlds would have a lot less sparkle to them as well. Happy Holidays to you all and if you need a material gift for someone, don’t forget we offer VIP Tours year round. The plug is a fair exchange for perspective and insight. Thank you all and we love you.


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