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What’s Your Favorite Animal?

By Chris Taylor Monday, December 11, 2017

Greetings to you all my friends, this week has been a bit of a dream to me. In that dream I’ve reflected on my childhood that was and it reminded me of how animals were so inspirational when we were young. The strength of the animal is something that our ancestors observed revered and watched with awe. This takes me to this week’s topic, what was/is your favorite animal.

Those of us who seek strength and freedom favor animals that take to the skies. The tawny eagle who at 3 feet tall is one of the smaller eagles in the family. Some people favor felines like lions and tigers. Some identify with the stability of a camel or in the case of sports identify with the tenacity of the badger.

When I was growing up and i moved on from the phase of dinosaur discovery, my bond was with a German Shepard. I hadn’t spent more time with any animal than my grand dad’s favored pet Jorrel. If I had to reflect on life and say I had a favorite animal, I would absolutely say without hesitation that it is a German Shepard.

What’s Your Fav?

Which brings me full circle to the title of this blog and my question to you. What is/was your favorite animal? Is it the sly fox whose systems of tunnels can be a hundred years old? Perhaps your more partial to the tortoise whose strength lies in the wisdom of its age and its slow and steady path.

Funnily enough, most people who tell us what they’re favorite animal is without being prompted will cite the sloth. I believe that there is an elegance to the sloth’s movements. When you move at such a consistent and deliberate pace you rarely misstep. I think some people identify with that controlled movement and the grace that the sloth traverses with.

In any event I really would love to know what your favorite animal is, not was. To remember this is to remember the passion and wonder of our youth. To hold on to this is what magic really is. So now I am dying to know, what is your favorite animal. Leave it in the comments below.

If you’re unsure of what your favorite animal is then allow me to welcome you to Timbavati Wildlife Park where we have tours daily at 11AM and 1PM year round. We also have VIP Behind the scenes tours that will give your an even more enhanced experience led by one of our professional animal handling staff members.  Ok it’s animal time, WHAT YOU GOT?

Here’s a look at the waterfalls area in Timbavati Wildlife Park, is your favorite here?


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