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Badgers Win!

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome Tuesday! I know a lot of you had a blast this holiday weekend and some of you were even brave enough to go shopping in the mosh pit that we all know and love called Black Friday. Of course if you’re from Wisconsin you were probably cheering for Bucky Badger this weekend. In case you missed it, our beloved Badgers had an undefeated season this year.


The Wisconsin Badgers hadn’t gone undefeated since 1912. This got me to thinking, what was going on in the world in 1912? So I dug it up and wanted to share a few fun facts about what was going on the last time the Badgers sat undefeated in the college football world.


Undefeated Badgers of 1912


For starters the government of modern day China was established on January first. New Mexico became a state on the 6th of January. A guy named Fred Law parachuted from the Statue of Liberty LOL, that’s pretty rad. On February 14th Arizona became the 48th state.


Here’s a big one for you, on March 7th Roald Amundsen announced the discovery of the North Pole. The Girl Scouts were formed on March 12th, I wonder if they started with cookies and then decided to be a club or not? 🙂 Hmmmmm. On march 15th, Cy Young retired from baseball.


On March 16th William Howard Taft’s wife planted the first cherry tree in Washington D.C. if you have never seen that site in the spring, it’s astonishing. The cherry blossoms are something to behold and there are hundreds of trees.


On April 15th and probably the biggest event of this year and decade was the sinking of the Titanic. Fenway Park and Tiger’s Stadium both opened on April 20th. On May 7th, the Pulitzer Prize was approved by Columbia University. Ahh and on May 8th, Paramount Pictures was founded. On May 15th Ty Cobb got suspended by Major League Baseball for attacking a heckler LOL.

History Continued

Things seemed to get a little predictable after that, Taft and Roosevelt went at it for the Republican Nomination over the summer. Taft won and Roosevelt started the progressive Bull Moose Party. On August 27th “Tarzan of the Apes” was first published. One month later on September 27th, W.C. Handy published the first blues record.


On October 14th of that year while campaigning in Milwaukee for the Bull Moose Party Theodore Roosevelt was shot. He had a manuscript, glasses case and a heavy coat on, he only had a flesh wound. He gave his speech and said it would take more than that to kill his campaign LOL. After an hour speech he then went to the hospital. On November 5th, Wilson a democrat defeated both Taft and Roosevelt in the presidential election.


There are other things that happened in 1912, a lot of other things but I’d say that’s a pretty interesting year to look back on, here is a picture of what our Badgers looked like back then.

Then of course at Timbavati Wildlife Park, we have badgers too and here’s what they look like!



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