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Quick Facts: Bobcat

By Chris Taylor Monday, November 13, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. It’s been awhile since we kicked some animal facts and I figured that this bobcat here looks interesting enough for us to talk about. Because who doesn’t enjoy bobcats? Of course at a distance, but still, we love them.


First let me open by saying bobcats look cute but don’t ever go try to pet them. They aren’t too keen on that. Matter of fact, if you see one you might want to just go the other way. Unless you’re at Timbavati Wildlife Park which of course we will keep you safe.


Bobcats get their name from the shortness of their tail. It’s a descriptor of the short tail, like a bob haircut, bob haircut cat tail thing, Bobcat! They are also referred to as bobtail cats and sometimes wildcats. A real wildcat though is a different thing.


Bobcats hunt in low light conditions. They will typically hunt at dawn and dusk. That seems to be a thing with a lot of large cats, life is a lot of sleeping and hunting. In the winter months they will hunt more during the day hours simply because their prey is far and fewer during those months.


A full grown bobcat can weigh up to 33 pounds. They are carnivores that hunt small mammals and birds. The crazy part about these cats which I guess are about the size of a medium sized dog is that they are capable of taking down a full grown deer. That’s incredible when you consider how big a whitetail actually is.


If a bobcat kills something that big it can’t eat it all and it’s too large to carry off. When this happens they will bury their kill and come back to it later. Mountain lions do this as well. This is referred to as caching.


If you’d like more bobcat facts, check out this video on them. Remember we’re open all winter long for daily tours at 11AM and 1PM. We also have private VIP tours available as well. Talk with you all next week!




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