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We Specialize In Interactivity

By Chris Taylor Monday, November 6, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. I can remember the first time I visited Timbavati Wildlife Park. There was something going on here that I had never experienced at any zoo before. Timbavati has a next level experience when it comes to interactivity.


I mean look at the picture of the giraffe that caps this blog post. We all can identify that there’s a giraffe in the picture but take a look at the Safari Train Ride in the back of the picture on the left. That train is passing through one of our pastures and people are feeding all manners of grazing animals on the ride.

Timbavati Wildlife Park Interactivity

When the Safari Train leaves the pasture one of the next stops on its path is the giraffe and camel feeding encounter. Again, the interactivity is beyond what I have experienced anywhere else and it doesn’t end there.


We have Koi ponds and petting areas where you can feed pygmy goats and baby animals. We also have our renown parakeet encounter where you go inside the enclosure and the little budgies can land on you. From our wildlife presentations to the emu’s in the woodlands area, there are lots of opportunities for people to have an interactive experience.


This weeks video takes a look at some of our guests enjoying our giraffe encounter. Remember we’re now open all year round and are currently running guided tours at 11 am and 1pm. That’s all for now, talk with you next week.



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