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The First Frost Of The Year

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, October 31, 2017

We’re Still Open!

Even though the season has ended and the outdoor water parks have emptied their pools for the winter, we’re still open. We never actually completely close, we maintain a staff for the winter and we work with all of the animals all winter long. Their training, feeding and exercise regimens don’t change at all. We retain a full-time staff all winter to facilitate the care and nurturing of the animals.

We now have daily tours at 11am and 1pm. We also have VIP Behind The Scenes tours that allow guests to have an up close experience with the animals that you normally wouldn’t otherwise have. VIP tours require 24 Hours notice so please call the park in advance to schedule.

In other exciting news, we are looking at options for a Black Friday Weekend Sale so stay tuned and follow our feeds for more information about that. We are also going to be looking at winter projects for park improvements that we want to share with you, so the winter is going to be a really exciting time!

We will close this week’s blog with a look at the Safari Train Ride! Talk with you next week!


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