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Baby Bats in time for Halloween

By Chris Taylor Monday, October 23, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post! We are in full swing for the fall, pumpkins and all! We’re so batty that we are giving away a free pumpkin with the purchase of a Child’s Fall Combo Ticket. That’s right, while supplies last, if you purchase and redeem a Child’s Fall Combo ticket she or he will receive a free pumpkin to carve up for Halloween. Speaking of bats, we have some exciting news from the world of our straw coloured fruit bats.

At first glance, the picture from this blog is probably quite unassuming. If you look closely though you can see that both mama bats on the left and the right are holding their young. Yep, we have baby bats!  Baby bats are called “pups.” Pups will nurse for about 6 months before weaning.

A mother bat usually will only give birth to one pup a year. Bats are considered to be one of the slowest reproducing mammals. They typically will give birth in the spring when temperatures are warmer. A group of bats is called a colony and the pups are usually kept together for safety and warmth.

A mother bat can locate her pup by smell and sound. She can find her pup in a colony of millions. Speaking of sounds, did you know that male bats sometimes sing to attract a mate? Bat’s love insects but also like fruits as well. They actually help plants pollinate the same way a honey bee does!

Timbavati Wildlife Park is ecstatic to have our new bat pups and you can visit them in nursery number two. They are along the far back wall in the nursery. We’re open all year round so it’s always a good time to come see the pups. Please see our website for details!


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