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New Baby Owl Monkey And Intl. Sloth Day

By Chris Taylor Monday, October 16, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post! As I promised you all last week we got the cameras out and are excited to show you all some new images from Timbavati Wildlife Park. It really got us going and here is one of the first images to come from the shoot.

Presenting Our Baby Owl Monkey

This little guy is the baby owl monkey that a lot of you have been asking about. He is only a few months old and has been peeping out at visitors that pass through. Baby owl monkeys are hard to breed as the gift of life and reproduction rates are a lot lower for owl monkeys than they are for a lot of our other animals.

Another noteworthy area of care for this little guy is moving mom and baby to a more private area where they can have more privacy which kind of leads me to the crux of this blog. A lot of our animals in the park come and go quite regularly. We work with Zoos and fairs, tv shows and hollywood to bring enjoyment to people all over the United States.

Our nursery is the first short stop in the lives of our animal friends. Our nursery allows us to monitor their development and work with them on a daily basis to that the animals get used to working with people from early on.

Safety First

There’s also a safety factor for the animals as the herds, packs, flocks, troops, mobs and creeps that they belong to might have competition for dominance and bloodline survival. In those more territorial societies we bring the young in until they are old enough to look after themselves in their species based encounters.

This Friday is also International Sloth Day! So this week’s video is all about Sid! Don’t forget we have a free pumpkin for kids when they buy and redeem a Fall Combo Ticket while supplies last! Talk with you next week!


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