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Mama and Papa Are The Star’s of the Show

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Greetings and salutations friends of Timbavati Wildlife Park! We are sooo excited to talk to you all this week. First let me start by saying congratulations to Mama and Papa who have been cast in a new television campaign! Second we are excited to announce our fall photo shoot!

We have just traversed every inch of the park and snapped a bunch of cool heart warming pictures to entertain you all winter long. The animals at the park are always coming and going in some capacity. We have zoos and other attractions that we work with all over the country to educate and entertain people all over America. Which means we have new residents in the park and we can’t wait to introduce them to you. Give us a couple of weeks and we will begin to roll those pictures out for you.

Stars Are Born

Now back to mama and papa. Without giving to much away, Mama and Papa have been added to a commercial campaign. This week the cameras and lights focused on our pair of South African Penguins. It’s a winter time campaign and it’s funny because we had a full film crew and a snowmaker in the park to give us that winter wonderland feel.

As I was walking through the park thinking about the shoot and Mama and Papa’s role in the campaign I thought to myself, “these are warm weather penguins” but we’re going to make them look like antarctic penguins. You know there are more warm weather penguins than there are cold right? Well at least now I’m not the only one who knows this little fun fact.

When the campaign launches I will share it with you as our little stars are now celebs! We genuinely appreciate the chance to have our penguins filmed. We can’t wait to show you the outcome of the shoot. Here is a look at Mama and Papa in this week’s video, talk with you all next week!

Starting this Friday, every child receives a free pumpkin when you buy a Fall Combo Ticket for their admission. Happy pumpkin carving season!


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