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Farm Animals Awareness Week

By Chris Taylor Monday, September 18, 2017

Greetings Friends and welcome to this week’s blog! This week are are celebrating National Farm Animals Awareness Week. The lives that a lot of our visitors live is one of urban concrete and offices. Cubicles and board rooms, deliveries and commerce. Being in Timbavati reminds us that there is a world that exists beyond the internet and a Netflix subscription.

It’s Been A Long Time

When I thought about farm animals for this blog I realized, I haven’t touched a goat since my elementary school field trips that took us to local farms. You know what? Most people that visit Timbavati haven’t seen farm animals since they were kids too. There’s a simple elegance to the interaction that can only be described as organic when we have those precious moments to interact with the creatures that help us survive and provide for ourselves.

The same thing goes for the highly intelligent pig. We have pig races daily and occasionally have a young one or two in the nursery and they are as kind as they are entertaining to observe and interact with. Not to mention they love oreo cookies and race for them as a prize at the finish line in the pig races that we have daily.

I guess until I had a chance to enjoy these animals up close I really didn’t get a chance to appreciate farm animals in this light. That’s what Farm Animal Appreciation Week is all about!

Check out this week’s video and remember, we’re still open during the fall there are lots of chances left for you to come and half an adventure. See our website for information about our Fall Combo Ticket!


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