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Porcupine Quick Facts

By Chris Taylor Monday, August 28, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to the week of the Porcupine which also happens to be the last week of August. If you’re a kid reading this, sorry but the summer is over. It’s time to get those backpacks out and hit the books once more! If you’re a parent, Yayyyyyyyyyy school is back in and we can get our weekdays back! And so the cycle of life continues.

Speaking of life cycles, did you know that baby porcupines are born with quills? Yep they have quills at birth. Now luckily for a female porcupine these quills are soft like fur at birth and don’t harden until a few days after the baby is born.

A baby porcupine will hand out with mom until it’s old enough to defend itself. That’s usually around 6 months old. I kind of get the feeling that defending itself really isn’t an issue with 30,000 quills.

Speaking of quills, a porcupine’s quills have barbs on the end of them. If you’re ever unlucky enough to get stuck with them, they will take part of you with them when you pull them out. Now there are animals that a porcupine has beef with. These predators have learned a little trick.

Porcupines have no quills on their bellies. Bobcats, cougars and fishers have all figured out that if you flip a porcupine over that it’s defenseless. Now as a human, I have no desire to flip a porcupine over, I am content with watching them eat bananas and be the chill little critters that they typically are.

You can see them eating bananas and being chill in this week’s video! We also have many more fun facts in the video. Talk with you all next week!


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