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Details On The Train Station Update

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, July 24, 2017

Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog about our Train Station Update. Before we get into that, we hope you’re all enjoying the middle of summer and soaking up as much sun as you possibly can. We all know that the summer season can come and go with a gust of wind and a wee bit of precipitation.

The changing of the season is a big deal for us at Timbavati Wildlife Park, probably more so than most attractions in the Wisconsin Dells. If you recall from our blog in December, last year we took on the task of updating the train station.

For us this was a really big undertaking. First we had to remove the go cart track and if you were here last summer you know we said farewell to our unleaded buggies. That meant removing all of the concrete and leveling the hills that our track sat on.

We repaved the parking lot, extended our rock wall to encompass the entire grasslands area, and even added remote controlled gates for our train engineers. That was just the work that took place in the Grasslands Area alone. That was only the beginning.

Working Through The Winter

Once that work was complete, we put a new deck in to feed animals while you wait for the train and while we were added spruced up the fences in the waiting area as well. The project took a year because as we alluded to about the seasons, when the winter hits, it takes our work indoors and we do what we can while the weather has us hunkered down.

In addition to all of those updates, as if those weren’t enough, we added two new train cars to the train. Completing the new cars took almost 2 years because there were molds that needed to be made for casting the train parts as they haven’t been in production since the 1950’s. There weren’t very many of these made to start with, if I am correct there were less than 20, probably closer to 13.

You get where I am going with this, there are always changes being made to the park and that’s what we do to always give our returning guests a new experience every time that they visit us. Check out this week’s video to see the additions. Talk with you next week!



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