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Camel Rides: Quick Facts

By Timbavati Administrator Sunday, May 28, 2017

We have camel rides at Timbavati Wildlife Park. Camels are the oldest known form of transportation. They were domesticated around 3,500 years ago. They have flat pads for feet not hooves associated with creates like a horse. This allows their feet to splay out over the sand instead of digging in it. Their fur also reflects sunlight which allows them to stay cool in the heat.

A camel’s hump isn’t water, it is fat that is stored. Fat obviously has water in it. When the fat in their humps is metabolized or used up, the each gallon of fat also yields about a gallon of water which allows the camel to travel great distances without drinking water. This helps people in undeveloped areas who choose camel rides as their primary means of transportation.

Dusty Terrain

If you have never been to the desert, let me be the first to tell you that it’s sandy. I mean like really sandy. I mean like think about when you go to the beach and have sand in your shoes and then when you leave you have to dump the sand out. Well the desert as this much sand times 10 and it gets everywhere.

Camels have evolved to survive in the sandy desert. For instance, they can close their nostrils and they have a double row of eyelashes which allows them to see where they’re going in windy conditions. Unlike a lot of other animals, the camel can actually eat cactus, think about it, this creature is perfectly designed for desert life.

When you’re in the Wisconsin Dells this summer, stop into Timbavati Wildlife Park and take some time to ride a ship of the desert for yourself. Talk with you next week, CT


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