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The Grasslands Area of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Chris Taylor Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Grasslands Area at Timbavati Wildlife Park is home to some of our most beloved denizens of the park. Our Safari Train Ride takes you into green pastures where you get to hand feed a lot of really cool animals.

Animal Encounters

Our kudu and nilgai are staples of the Safari Train Ride, they are carrot hunters for sure. If you have a cup of carrots, they will come a calling. Whether by train or by foot, all of our visitors enjoy stopping by our Giraffe and Camel Encounter. This staple of the Grasslands Area is part of what turns your visit to our park into an adventure.

Rounding out our hoofs habitat we have addax, zebras, wildebeest, and sable antelope. This grouping of animals is unique because you’ll rarely come face to face with even these majestic creatures in a lifetime and Timbavati Wildlife Park is one place in the Wisconsin Dells where you can see them all at once. Here’s an exclusive look at the area in this week’s video.


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