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Happy Cordova Iceworm Day!

By Chris Taylor Friday, February 3, 2017

Today is Cordova Iceworm Day! Yes happy Iceworm day to all of you! You’ve never heard of the Cordova Iceworm? LOL Neither Had I, until I was thumbing through a calendar of events and I saw this day about Ice Worms and I’m like, this is snazzy. Here’s the story!

In 1898 EJ “Stroller” White got hired to write for the Klondike Nugget in Alaska on the condition that he would help improve sales. A snowstorm hit and in the wake of this snowstorm Stroller discovered Ice Worms! He wrote about them and both newspaper sales and tourism soared.

A few years passed and the worms returned back to their glacial homes and became the stuff of legend. Bartenders were even freezing spaghetti noodles for tourists who were seeking to get an authentic Ice Worm cocktail. In observance of this event and the boon that it brought to Alaska, every year around this time they have a Cordova Iceworm Festival!

Here’s to the worm that moved an economy!


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