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The Attraction To Flight – A Parakeet Encounter

By Timbavati Administrator Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome this week we are taking a look at our Parakeet Encounter at Timbavati Wildlilfe Park!

There is just something about flight; from the Greek story of “The Boy That Flew Too High” to the tales in Egyptian hieroglyphics about the son of Ra, Horus the Falcon. As humans we have been enamored with flight. We are land dwellers who on occasion and sometimes with great adaptability swim.

However, we cannot jump off of the ground and take flight. I think it is this limitation that conjures up so much interest in flight. Be it the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk or a NASA launch, the sky is our great limitation and path for exploration.

I think this is why we are so enamored with birds as a classification. Something is to be said about the evolution and survival from their ancestors the dinosaurs. Some birds are as large as a human when you think of the ostrich and emu. Some like the parakeets in our Parakeet Encounter weigh only an ounce or so. Let me tell you though, its much easier to hang out with a parakeet than an emu. Emus are highly territorial you know.

Fun In The Parakeet Encounter

For me, this is what makes the Parakeet Encounter so gosh darn cool. You can hang out with birds that are safe colorful and usually hungry. This encounter gets you a “bird’s eye” audience as you come face to face with one of nature’s most cute creations.

There are three steps in successfully visiting this encounter. One is to grab a stick that’s covered in bird seed. The second step is to hold your hand out with the stick in it. The last step is staying really still like Elmer Fudd. “Shhhhh be vewy vewy quiet…” and boom you’ll get a little budgie to come land on your stick and hang out with you. Warning though, once they like you, they really like you. You can and will find them hanging out on your shoulder, on your head and also will perch on backpacks and toddlers as well.

Check out this week’s video for more fun facts and a look at our Parakeet Encounter at Timbavati Wildlife Park.


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