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Happy National Bird Day

By Chris Taylor Thursday, January 5, 2017

Do you know what today is? Haven’t you heard? You Mean You haven’t heard? Click this link if you haven’t heard!

Yes that’s correct, the bird is the word! It’s National Bird Day! Now if only we can figure out what that is?!?!? Luckily we have to help us understand what’s going on here and January 5th is a time for us to appreciate and show our respect for the inspiration that birds bring us and understand what birds need from us in general. Here is a direct quote from their site.

“National Bird Day is on January 5 each year, as it’s scheduled to coincide with the end of the annual Christmas Bird Count. The Christmas Bird Count has been going on for more than a decade. It lasts three weeks and is the longest running citizen science survey in the world that helps to monitor the health of our nation’s birds. Birders and the public go out and count as many birds as they can see during the count.

The reason National Bird Day falls on January 5 is that, for three weeks, the country is focused on native birds and wild populations. Once that period ends, we begin to focus on captive birds (who mainly consist of bird species that are native to other countries, but who are kept in captivity in the U.S.). January 5 is the new beginning for captive birds!”

You can find more info about national bird day on their website!


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