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The Striped Skunk of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, September 26, 2016

Greetings friends and family! This week we are taking a look at the striped skunk of Timbavati Wildlife Park!

When nature marks an animal and sets it up for self-defense the markings usually call attention to the danger zones. For instance a bee is circled to its stinger, a badger’s lines call attention to it’s teeth. If you look at the stripe on the striped skunk, it calls attention to the anal glands. Right below the tail there are two anal glands that a skunk has in reserve as its deadliest asset, it’s sulfuric spray.

More About The Striped Skunk

A skunk can release a large blast of spray or a very small stream of spray. I guess I just never really thought about the fact that it could be a blast or a fine stream but the reality is that the skunk can control the width of the spray.

Now most creatures will avoid the skunk, for some reason though, they are on the menu for the Great Horned Owl who isn’t affected by the spray. Owl 1 skunk 0. That’s about the long and short of its natural predators.

North America has 4 different skunk species, though most of us usually just considered the striped skunk. There are also hog nosed, spotted and hooded skunks in North America. The skunk is about the size of a house cat and a group of skunks is called a surfeit.

Skunks are omnivores and eat fruits, plants, insects, small mammals and even fish. There are a bunch of really cool things that can be learned about the skunk. Watch this week’s video for more fun facts.



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