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The Woodlands Area of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Timbavati Administrator Monday, September 19, 2016

This week at Timbavati Wildlife Park we’re talking about the “Woodlands Area.”

The Wisconsin Dells is alive, it has a pulse. Even in the dead of winter during the solstice, you can still feel its rhythm. People from large cities like Chicago and Minneapolis come here to get away from the hectic pace that those larger cities have to offer. You’ll have people from rural locales come in to take in recreation in a place a bit busier than the norm. The common denominator is the desire for the Wisconsin Dells and its pace, its attractions and its lifestyle.

When I am in the Wisconsin Dells there are times when I want to take a break from the sounds of traffic on the parkway. The roar of the water slides and kids screaming in wave pools can only take me so far throughout the course of my stay in the Dells and that brings me to the Woodlands Area in Timbavati Wildlife Park.

More About The Woodlands Area

This area is removed from amplified sounds and it also doesn’t have the bustle of traffic or horseplay in the air. It’s quiet and peaceful kind of like a library. Funny thing is when you provide a quiet space for people they tend to remain quiet when they’re in it. That’s just what the Woodlands Area is for me.

Sure in Timbavati you can hear barkers narrating pig races or the Kookaburra cackling by the main entrance, but none of those sounds actually get to the Woodlands Area. You will find this is a really “chill” location. We also have a small forest of trees here; I guess it couldn’t be a “Woodlands Area” if we didn’t.

Come to think of it,  I experience all of that before I can even get to the animals of the Woodlands Area. We have one of the rarest bird species in the United States the White Emu. There are only about 20 in the United states total. We have six of them. We also have a flock of regular emu as well. Which as the emu is the second largest species of bird in the world you’ll be entertained with either when you’re standing face to face with them.

Animals Within The Woodlands Area

We actually have a lot of animals in the Woodlands Area. Crowned cranes, capybara, black buck, rheas, tortoise, kangaroo, it’s pretty expansive situation. This is all capped off with our Camel Ride stand where you and your friends can take a spin on one of the ships of the desert.

This week’s video gives you a great look at what the Woodlands area, talk with you next week!


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