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The Crowned Crane of Timbavati Wildlife Park

By Chris Taylor Monday, August 22, 2016

Greeting and salutations friends! This week we visit the Crowned Crane of Timbavati Wildlife Park.

The Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda and is native to Africa, south of the Sahara. It belongs to the crane family “Gruidae.” They can be found near rivers, marshes and other wetland areas. Instead of migrating, these bird will make local and seasonal movements. Where they move to is dependent upon food, weather and their nest site.

More About The Crowned Crane

This specific bird is a fairly large bird standing about 3ft tall. They can weigh up to 9 pounds.  They have a red pouch called a “gular pouch” that hangs from their throats.

Crowned cranes are omnivores and consume many types of prey including seeds, insects, grasses, fish and other invertebrate. The grey crane has a long hind toe which can grasp a branch allowing them to roost in trees.

During the breeding season, this grey crane performs a beautiful dance, bow, run and jump while inflating the gular sacs and giving off low booming calls. These calls are given with the head lowered to shoulder level.

Below you will find a short video with a few more fun facts and footage of the Crowned Cranes!


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