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Welcome To The Interaction Area

By Chris Taylor Monday, June 27, 2016

Greetings all! This week we’re going to shift gears from our typical post style which usually addresses a single animal and focus on a larger area of Timbavati Wildlife Park. The area that I am referring to is now called the “The Interaction Area.” This part of our park is appropriately named The Interaction Area. It’s the part of the park with the largest hands on experience for our guests.

Our 2015 addition, the Parakeet Encounter is an immersive experience that allows our guests to actually hand feed parakeets. We have bird seed sticks available for purchase. Hold out your bird seed stick for the budgies to come and get a meal. All you have to do is hold still and they will do the rest.

Adjacent to the parakeet encounter is our Parrot House. Kind of sounds like a pirate ship sometimes when you walk by it. You can hear the large raptors chuckle and say hello to you. It is definitely a different experience hearing an animal talk to you. If you aren’t used to it, it will catch you off guard. Once you realize it’s the birds though, you get used to it and can chat with them for as long as you like.

About The Interaction Area


The Interaction Area at Timbavati Wildlife Park also plays host to our Petting Areas. These areas allow guests to feed a variety of small animals ranging from sheep, goats, llamas, baby camels. There are always plenty of animals in the areas and the variety of these denizens will change with the seasons. Animals grow up and move on with the adults in their groups when that happens we remove them from the petting areas to make room for the next group of cuddly critters which actually move up to the petting areas from our Nursery.

Our Animal Nursery is a great experience for everyone. Since there is usually a staff member in the building, there is always an opportunity for our guests to ask questions. The nursery, is home to a variety of small mammals, reptiles and birds. It is one of the more raved about areas in the park.

Here are Mark and Alice Schoebel feeding some baby Gray Foxes in the nursery.


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