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Welcome to Timbavati Wildlife Park. We’re open all winter long for daily tours. During the winter months we offer guided tours at 11AM an 1PM. The tour kicks off in the gift shop and you can purchase tickets for it from our ticket page click here to purchase tour admissions.

Timbavati Wildlife Park is located in the Wisconsin Dells, WI. We offer family friendly experiences that allow our guests to be fully immersed in our environment with our friends from the Animal Kingdom. We are home to over 400 animals that represent over 70 different species.

We are a popular destination for vacationing families. Timbavati Wildlife Park offers fun in-park activities that will keep your party entertained for the entire day. We are home to the Old Fort Dells Engine Number 9 train, which is the centerpiece of our Safari Train Ride.

Timbavati Wildlife Park is a unique option for planning a variety of special events. We can accommodate personal events like birthday parties, family reunions, VIP Tours or high volumes of people for large-scale events. We regularly host field trips for schools, daycares and senior centers.

As the seasons change and the cycle of life advances so do our animals and their locations within the park.

  • Wendy our tour guide was awesome. Even though there was so many of us she still did awesome. I loved hanging out with the little ones in the nursery. Wendy also explained to me and some of my kids that kangaroo’s don’t grab your arm to attack you (like I thought) that’s how they hug ( one grabbed my arm and I got scared while feeding them) explains a lot now on what he was trying to do. Our daycare friends loved it there. Thanks again to Wendy.


    April 25, 2019
  • I am writing to say thank you for such a wonderful zoo experience. We have been to many zoos and animal activities with our two little girls. Numerous times during our visit to Timbavati, my husband and I said to eachother, “I have never done that before, I have never seen that before!” We left feeling like we enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience with our children. We had fed a giraffe before, but NEVER like this. My husband said he flet like feeding the kangaroos and petting them was the most amazing experience with animals in his life. I am in love with your giraffes and Donna who was so kind to my children at the giraffe area. My five year old loved the parakeets, we all did! That was amazing!! The animal show and, Becky the trainer were so cool. Beck spent time with our girls in the nursery helping them to meet the skunk. My oldest wants to be a veterinarian or animal trainer and this was truly inspirational.

    It is clear that you staff loves the animals, even more so, the animals love people. They are so well cared for and must live happy, happy lives. They interact through their cages, they aren’t pacing, and they are so happy to see people. We are so thankful that we came to Timbavati and wanted to tell you how much we appreciated it. You will be a permanent stop on our list anytime we can get to the Wisconsin Dells. Thank you for the work you do and for the methods you use to care for you animals. I know people are not always kind to zoos and animal parks, so I wanted to be sure to tell you how remarkable our experience was. Thank you again.

    Bethany B.

    April 25, 2019
  • We absolutely loved the park. The train ride was great. We fed giraffes by hand and it was amazing. The park was clean and there was a huge variety of animals. Feeding the parakeets was a one of a kind experience. I don’t know of any zoo/park where you can get this close to the animals. The camels were fun and very friendly. We spent around 5 hours in the park and our 5 year old was entertained the whole time.

    Chad Van Tassel

    April 25, 2019
  • well worth it, we took our 3yr, 2yr and 9mo and really enjoyed it! our guide was super friendly and very knowledgeable. Feeding the giraffe was an awesome experience! thanks!

    Arge Gaytan

    April 25, 2019
  • What a great experience! So many animals and a very friendly staff. Little by little you can see the improvements they are making all over the park. Kelsey and Sam in the Nursery were awesome and answered any questions we had. ~Erica Genich-Lipinski

    April 25, 2019
  • We had an excellent visit 6/14-we love all the animals….especially the hands on with most of them. Thank you Chris (social media director ) for taking our family picture. ~Wendy Houston

    April 25, 2019
  • Good Morning,

    I just wanted to send a Thank you for the amazing field trip.  My students absolutely loved Timbavati.  We talked about it for days!  It was a beautiful day and everyone truely enjoyed themselves!  Tour guides were great as well.  Thank you again for helping make this a great experience for students who might never get to do this other than in the school setting!  They will never forget it, Im sure!

    Kally Clary

    5th Grade Teacher

    Ithaca School District

    Kally Clary

    May 20, 2016
  • My friends and I had spent the week at Mirror Lake back in August and were looking for things to do. A waitress at a bar where we stopped to have a drink suggested this place. My friends and I have never heard of it before but were willing to check it out. I can’t tell you how much fun we had. It was awesome feeding the giraffes and the goats. I even spent the money to get my picture taken with the tiger cub. It all was worth it. I hope to be able to come back again this time with my nephews and niece who I think would love this place.


    October 9, 2015
  • After reading the Google reviews we had considered not going to the park, but then decided to check it out for ourselves and we’re glad we did. The park is amazing and we had a great time. The workers (excluding one) were all very attentive to the animals needs. The cages were adequate for each individual animal. None of the animals exhibited any signs of abuse and the ones we could interact with were very trusting, which indicated the love they’ve seen from their keepers. Both my husband and I enjoyed the fact that most of the animals were very alert and spent a lot of their time towards the front of their cages; compared to other animal parks or zoos where sometimes it’s difficult to even find the animal.


    July 9, 2015
  • I visited “The Dells” as a kid more times than I can count. Timbavati is the kind of fun I remember as a kid. Nice layout, cool and extremely large collection of animals; growing bigger by the year. I fed a giraffe, a camel and numerous other animals by hand. Too cool. Kids and adults will both love it.


    July 7, 2015

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Timbavati Wildlife Park is the only attraction in the Wisconsin Dells that offers Swine Time Pig Racing, Wildlife Presentation, a Giraffe and Camel Feeding Station and Camel Rides (weather permitting). We have great Petting Areas and an Animal Nursery that allow personal interactions with some of our smaller species. We also have an observation tower that allows you to view not only our entire park but also the Wisconsin Dells Parkway.